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About Me

Holovko Aleksandr

Kremenchuk, Ukraine

I'm Digital Marketing/Web Analyst specialist. I have 5 years experiance work at diferent project and technology(HTML, PHP, JS). I have certification Google Analytics and Google Ads.

I can help you at realizations your project:

- set up Google Analytics/Yandex Metrica and others analytics system;

- setting goals(track click, form submit, play video, others actions);

- setting Ecommerce;

- setting E-nhanced Ecommerce;

- analisis your traffic to web site,Google Ads campaigns, Social Campaign;

- analisis UI/UX web site;

- create Google Ads campaigns.

My devision - make to work the maximum effective.


PPC/Web Analyst

- set up Google Analytics/Yandex Metrica and others analytics system;

- setting goals(track click, form submit, play video);

- setting Ecommerce;

- setting E-nhanced Ecommerce;

- analisis your traffic to web site, Google Ads campaigns;

- analisis UI/UX web site;

- Collection of semantics;

- Creation of media plans: PPC, SEO, SMM, Display;

- create Google Ads campaigns(Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping);

- Work with social networks (Facebook, VK);

- Work with parsers for social networks;

- Adjusted of an advertising campaign.



Web Analyst

Agust 2018 - Febreary 2019| DarkLeads

- prepare reports for analysis website traffic;

- create custom reports;

- analysis traffic(Google Ads, FB, traffic other source);

- set up Google Analytics, GTM, Yandex Metrika;

- setting goals, eCommerce, Enhanced eCommerce.

Web Analyst

November 2017 - August 2018 | WebMate

- set up Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika and GTM;

- setting goals;

- setting E-commerce;

- setting Enhanced E-commerce;

- Analysis Ads Campaigns;

- Analysis traffic to website;

- create customs reports.

PPC/Web Analyst

August 2017 - October 2017 | Optimozg

-Collection of semantics;

- Campaign setup(Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing);

- Work with social networks (Facebook);

- Work with parsers for social networks;

- Analysis of results (Using Google Analytics);

- Adjusted of an advertising campaign.


Master's degree, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

2009 - 2015 | Economics of entrepreneunrship

Head of International Sector of Youth Organization

2010 - 2014 | Head of International Sector of Youth Organization

Google Certificarions

2015 - Now | Serch, Display, Google Analytics


Web Analyst


Google Analytics














Google Ads


Data Analyst


Google Script


UI/UX designer






My Working Process


Discuss idea

We discuss about your business model and focus your key business way, also research other profit business way in Internet.


Creative concept

I is create all variants profit and perspective business way for increase your revenue.


Concil Web concept

We discuss all nuance on project, all check, test the details on project.


Final concept

We accept web concept and run business project, we get profit from work.


  • All
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC
  • Quick Support

Data Analysis

  • calculation metric(ROI, ROMI, CPA, other);
  • increase traffic, CR, decrease CPA;
  • optimization Ads campaign;

Web Analytics

PPC campaign

  • research keywords;
  • run Ads campaign(Search, Display, Shopping);
  • adjusted Ads campaign;


Fix analyst systems

  • fix GA, GTM, Yandex Metrik(other);
  • setting metrik, goals, E-commerce, Enhanced E-commerce;
  • create feed Shopping, Marketplace;

Quick Support

Work notes

Mar 18, 2019
Posted By Aleksandr Holovko
Difference in work on the USA,
Europe and market of Ukraine

Difference in work on the USA, Europe and market of Ukraine

Approach to Work in Ukraine and foreign country(USA, Europe) have some different nuance.

One difference people from USA, Europe calculate cost, revenue and all metric that is possible, also human tracking every one action users on website(micro and macro conversion). Some people calculate and track most importantly(cost, revenue, ROI, ROAS, setting goals profit action for users). People who live in Ukraine less calculate important metric example ROI, ROMI, ROAS, CR, CPA, CPL, LTV, also human aren’t concerned track user action on website. The better way people who order advertising in Internet limited such metric cost, revenue, approach “Advertising at work me enough this”, also in Ukraine many people calculate and track all that is possible. Sometimes comes to a funny moment on both market the mostly this situation appear company or people who just start order advertising. The important elements in the work Digital Marketology to inform the customer how it work ads the Internet(search system, social network, other).

The second difference people from USA, Europe in the almost good skills communications, human ask questions and support conversation, give good descriptions task, max effective learn about the service, always discuses and ready to talk about the project, project from Ukraine need asking additional questions and additional communications the clients, this clients less than good clients.

The have common people from USA, Europe and Ukraine they want that Internet Ads good work and give very profit revenue on commerce offers. The many people not interest inside process to setting, optimization Ads campaign, but have human who interest and to escape in process to project.

The from the side Digital Marketing specialist need as possible close commination to client that oriented to project and interact to users(customers), also give good proposal to market product or service. The give service or create product need as much as possible know about audience (user who buy your goods). For this need research about audience network and good communication to clients. After create planning to do list and complete for each items, before discuses and council every details for item. The next way calculate all cost and to predict possible revenue, calculate important indicator from Ads campaign. The main item before to prepare Ads in Internet research market goods and most biggest competitors in markets, also need always see trend lines. One of the biggest part to prepare Ads research consumer, user action experience and how influence UI/UX experience to buy goods in network.

One of the important part the work Digital Marketology analysis traffic and detection data, which help to understand user, markets, consumers, competitors. The analysis data from traffic need detect knew source traffics, users, buyers and understand how optimization ads campaign, understand that need buyers, what can need to do in network that goods sells. Data analysis is important way to work in Digital Marketing, also important part the work prepare marketing strategy promotion goods in network. The Digital Marketing specialist have to many different nuance to work in professions.

The choice performer is important in completed project success.

Mar 19, 2019
Posted By Aleksandr Holovko
How Increase traffic in Ads Campaign
(Search systems, Social networks)

How Increase traffic in Ads Campaign
(Search systems, Social networks)

The today have many source and action, method where you can get additional traffic.

One of the most efficient in Search system source research new keyword from section Google Ads search key, Digital Marketology must see this part very detail, because user could put search key isn’t relevant the website and your category business, also user(customers) can put very relevant and similar search key words to your business category. The additional traffic social network you can give increase audience targeting from your region, country, similar audience interest.

The first that you must complete before you start run Ads campaign analysis business category market your product or service. Also you need analysis competitors their website, network activity(search, display, social(group, ads, post)). Analysis baseness category you must attention competition, cost, margin, quantity users in network. The data analysis must highlighting search system with their kind ads and social network(different social system) eсt.. The future at work must bused on data that you give from analysis market. Also you need create business strategy your project in network and understand how you advertise product or service, find customers for your project. The work you must increase traffic but your cost decrees moreover conversion and others indicator that have influence ads must increase(ROI, CR, ROAS, ROMI, LTV, CTR). Also when you analysis traffic you sometimes reveal inside this data must careful interpretation and not introduce other project, because sometimes data very unique and work only this project. After calculation important metric you can see where need optimization ads, from give additional traffic, how can close problem place in ads campaign or how increase your indicators several times, also where you see trends you can predict fluctuation traffic and prepare action to fix this situation by connection others source to ads(email send, send private message).

The most important part in work need create plan to work and realization shot time this plan action to advertise you project. The plan to work you must include all source the advertise your project and prepare are possible source to ads. In this stage the work must include close communication from client and discuses all detail from project. The very often need convey clients how need work and create ads in network, also tell about every source ads in network and prepare what are the result can get from each source. The do analysis business category in market need prepare some data from your competitors and take action how to get around this human in competitive market. When you appear network you must to be there all time, 24/7 in week, all day in year. Also you need understand which source to ads profit and have perspectives to give your clients, or which source start in future.

Work the human who give you excellent result the project.

Mar 19, 2019
Posted By Aleksandr Holovko
What do you need work When file
fontawesome.css doesn't work?

What do you need work When file fontawesome.css doesn't work?

This problem sole very fast and without any difficulty doing a few things in steps.

File fontawesome.css need very fast and convenient use big quantity icons different size, direction. But sometimes you can come across problem that icons not displayed.

One of the problem with Cloudfront CDN there fast solve use upload file from maxcdn.

This link "< link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.7.2/css/all.css" crossorigin="anonymous">" put your webpage category tag "< head>< /head>" after there all it work.

Also you can give this link from https://cdn.fontawesome.com/ this page.

After this step all does work.

Sept 09, 2019
Posted By Aleksandr Holovko
Small lifehack for a group of national
TV channels 1+1, 2+2, TET, PlusPlus, Unian

Small lifehack for a group of national
TV channels 1+1, 2+2, TET, PlusPlus, Unian.

Recently, viewing has been available on the 1 + 1 website for a paid subscription; some programs have remained available is not paid a subscription.

Paid subscription can be circumvented. You can not look at a paid subscription.

- In the browser, turn off cookies and you can not look at a paid subscription.

- Another option is to clear the cookies yourself; the best option is the first ones are simple and convenient.

The best option came out in the Opera browser, Mozila Firefox did not manage to start the video without a subscription, the video reboots on Google Chrome - it’s not quite right for viewing, there are also problems logging into accounts on the social network and Google, it also went off without restarting the player from the third time - a working option. In this situation, use a different browser, so that there are no problems logging into the accounts where you are registered.

In the Opera browser, you can view it without a paid subscription for an unlimited time.




After we delate the cookie file.

Next, we go to the channel’s website and turn on video viewing in twenty minutes, as usual, not a banner for subscription appears, but a timer that reports time and you can not look at a paid subscription.

Today, this method works.




Kremenchuk city, Ukraine